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ACQT1127 is the Acquist clinical lead.  As of Q2 2019, the drug had cleared in vitro screening and had entered animal toxicology studies.  ACQT1127 is a potent inhibitor of xanthine oxidase (approximately 70 time more potent than allopurinol, as well as a potent inhibitor of URAT1.  It is the only drug in clinical development that exhibited this bifunctional activity.

Clinical proof-of-concept with our drugs was established with a prototype (ACQT1001) that showed marked reduction of serum uric acid in all patients who received that agent.  ACQT1127 is a derivative of that drug that has superior enzymatic activity, increased safety, favorable pharmacokinetics, and oral bioavailability that will enable once-daily oral dosing.

The Company will request a pre-IND meeting to discuss technical and development plans with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to IND submission in the U.S.

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