Raymond P. Warrell, M.D. Selected Publications

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3) Rego EM, He L-Z, Warrell RP, Wang Z-G, Pandolfi PP: Retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide treatment in transgenic models of acute promyelocytic leukemia unravel the distinct natures of the leukemogenic process induced by the PML-RARα and PLZF-RARα oncoproteins. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences (USA) 97:10173-10180, 2000.

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11) Bockman RS, Repo MA, Warrell RP, Pounds JG, Schidlovsky G, Gordon BM, Jones KW: Distribution of trace levels of therapeutic gallium in bone as mapped by synchrotron x-ray microscopy. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences (USA) 87:4149-4153,1990.